Our Story


It all started when...

OKOLOLA's founder Shagun Tomar in 2014 started seeing the non-vegan aspects of fashion and decided to give it up.

Finding plant-based food was never difficult in most parts of Europe but vegan fashion and beauty products were not as easy to get hands on. There were hardly any stores, online or offline that sold beautiful and chic vegan products. All the brands that she did like were scattered around the globe; naturally difficult to discover and source for most people. This is the same feedback she got from other vegans or socially conscious people too.

Coming from a background in fashion writing and e-commerce, she decided to curate all beautiful fashion accessories and beauty must-haves for other fashion conscious and aware young people like her. As a result OKOLOLA was born in the summer of 2017 to help you discover only selected vegan products from very selected brands.

OKOLOLA's aim is to make high quality and good looking vegan fashion and beauty products accessible at just a click.