Our ethics


We are focussed on three ethical pillars. 

  • VEGAN 

Vegan products are free from animal by-products both in their make-up and their production. Organic cotton, linen, hemp, banana fiber, cork, pineapple, eucalyptus, beech wood and other natural products form the basis of our assortment. In a recent study, 80% of people surveyed responded that they would immediately choose cruelty-free products as long as they would not have to compromise quality. Let's make that change.



Women and children toiling in sweatshops to make cheap throw-away clothing for us Europeans and Americans - how could we ever consider something to be cruelty-free if it is being produced at the detriment of our sisters and brothers in Bangladesh, India and other places? We will never accept exploitation and only allow fair-traded goods on our platform.



No product can be considered to be wonderful if it is being produced at the expense of nature because it destroys our environment. At OKOLOLA we encourage brands that are ecologically sustainable. True beauty is line with the beauty of nature, the world and all living beings.

These principles describe our attitude towards life, which is driven by compassion, social conscience and ecological responsibility. At the same time, a new generation of product designers is emerging: talented and ethical individuals who produce wonderful fashion and beauty products by putting in many hours of work and love and not sacrificing animals, nature or other people while doing so. Their timeless ideas and quality products spread joy and happiness for a long time.

They are OKOLOLA.