Satiate Your Vegan Indian Cravings in Stockholm @ Masala Masala


Eating Indian food is the last thing on anyone's mind while travelling to Sweden. However, being not much of a fan of Indian eateries in Germany, I do look out for nicer Indian restaurants when travelling elsewhere in Europe. During my search, I stumbled upon a rather new Indian restaurant in Stockholm- Masala Masala. Upon checking the menu, I got a little too excited with their vegan selection. Precise and modern, the menu is not a typical huge booklet of everything Indian or presumably but some selected items, which they believe to be good at.

Not wasting my time, I made a reservation, which I am mentioning here only because it is a must. The restaurant's narrow seating area does not leave room for many walk-ins.

Done up in a minimalist fashion with no chandeliers, buddhas, shivas and drapes hanging from walls, this place already was a turn on, even before we found our seats. The staff was extremely warm and friendly and made us feel really comfortable.

Because I am a self-confessed confused soul, I ordered a 'Vegan Thali' (platter) and my partner ordered what the restaurant proudly claims to be their creation- a vegan 'Tikka Sizzler' made with tandoori marinated soy fillets, grilled on spot in their old style tandoori oven (wood fired, coal oven). It is then served on a hot iron sizzler plate with fresh veggies. 

Vegan Grilled Sizzler

Vegan Grilled Sizzler

My thali, other than lentils and veggie kofta also had the marinated soy fillets but not oven roasted. Everything tasted really good but let me just say- "His was better, as always." The tandoori sizzler was nothing like I have ever tasted before, not in Europe. With the right amount of marination and just enough smoky infusions, accompanied by freshly grilled peppers made it a healthier choice too. Importantly, the texture was really soft, not chewy and rubber like.

Vegan Thali

Vegan Thali

I am not entirely sure if they have vegan beers and wines but maybe non-alcoholic beverage makes for a better choice to wash down all the spices.  Next time you are in Stockholm, give it a go. 

Update: The restaurant owners assured me that not only are they getting more vegan food options but also wine and beer. Isn't that a cherry on the cake. ;)

Location: Masala Masala, Odengatan 60, 113 22 Stockholm

Phone: 0046 8121 470 43