The Only New Year Resolution That Matters

Every year we make resolutions and keep some and let go off many. Most resolutions across the world include focussing on eating better and living healthier, building a routine and getting closer to professional goals.

This year I want to challenge all those resolutions and propose one that matters and is rather the only one that does. I won’t keep you agog with suspense. Here it is:


Ah, you have heard that banal line before. But I insist, read on.

The reason and the sole reason behind us not running after our goals and not caring about our health is because we take time for granted. We start believing in the fallacious notion of time being constant, whereas it is anything but.

Last week, while standing at the foot of a gigantic glacier (in the pic above) in the Southern-Alps, I realised how constantly and quickly time keeps moving. Everything changing in the process. Glaciers alter, valleys get formed, deep gorges shape up, rivers change course and human generations keep shuffling through the roulette of life and death. Unaware about this, we keep delaying our goals, as if, there is a static tomorrow and day after tomorrow and beyond. The only truth is uncertainty. Our life is an oppurtunity, which we have been given to experience something vast and beautiful. Experience it in abundance today, while it is.

Do everything now. Wear your best dress today. Wear your favorite lipstick too. Sing your song. Call your loved ones. Work out (I need to). Take the plunge, professional and personal. Be kind. Choose love.

And be conscious through it all. Because if you live each day as if it is your last then also treat others as if its their last. It is harsh but mostly true.