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Vegan Baklava & Yoga Retreat with Roo Hasan

With partial roots in India and mind, body and soul in the Swiss Alps, Chef Roo Hasan’s take on food is not only international but one that oozes ‘comfort’. My discovery of her culinary skills was a consequence of her writing to me about a yoga retreat that she caters for. Being driven by food, I requested her to share a vegan recipe with us and she obliged. But first let me share the link to the yoga retreat…

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The Only New Year Resolution That Matters

Every year we make resolutions and keep some and let go off many. Most resolutions across the world include focussing on eating better and living healthier, building a routine and getting closer to professional goals.

This year I want to challenge all those resolutions and propose one that matters and is rather the only one that does. I won’t keep you agog with suspense.

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