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The Only New Year Resolution That Matters

Every year we make resolutions and keep some and let go off many. Most resolutions across the world include focussing on eating better and living healthier, building a routine and getting closer to professional goals.

This year I want to challenge all those resolutions and propose one that matters and is rather the only one that does. I won’t keep you agog with suspense.

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10 Clean Beauty Picks for Christmas Gifting

We love a lot of things about the cold Christmas month but most of all, we love cozy dates with family and friends and exchanging gifts. Here is a list of tried and tested vegan beauty products, which the women in your life would be happy to try. Sharing gifts, made without any animal-cruelty will only add to the joy.

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Your Practical Guide To An Alkaline Body

Lately, a lot of fitness blogs are talking about alkaline and acidic state of our body. Wonder why? To put very simply, a slightly alkaline state is considered optimum for all of our body functions, whereas an acidic state gives way to illnesses and serious problems. As chemistry driven as it sounds, it is rather simple to strike a balanced equation.

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OKOLOLA proudly started out of an apartment, a beautiful 120 years old vintage apartment in Berlin. And what I can say from my experience is that if working from home was so bad, I would not have been able to build a functional platform in a short span of couple of months. It would be ideal to have a team of like-minded people and a well-lit spacious office from day one. But most startups don’t start like that. To make the journey more effective, here are my tried and tested tips.

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