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Vegan Spicy Peanut Ramen Recipe

Recently, I asked on instagram, if people in my network , would like me to share recipes of my own vegan and healthy food experiments and the response was overwhelmingly positive. So, here goes the first most requested recipe, which is inspired by a recipe shared by Rabbit and Wolves. I made couple of changes and only used fresh ingredients. For instance, I replaced the green Thai curry paste with some organic spices that are more readily available and also healthier as they don’t have any preservatives. Hope you try it and enjoy it on a rather cozy evening.

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Your Practical Guide To An Alkaline Body

Lately, a lot of fitness blogs are talking about alkaline and acidic state of our body. Wonder why? To put very simply, a slightly alkaline state is considered optimum for all of our body functions, whereas an acidic state gives way to illnesses and serious problems. As chemistry driven as it sounds, it is rather simple to strike a balanced equation.

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Satiate Your Vegan Indian Cravings in Stockholm @ Masala Masala

Eating Indian food is the last thing on anyone's mind while travelling to Sweden. However, being not exactly a fan of Indian eateries in Germany, I do look out for Nicer Indian restaurants when travelling elsewhere in Europe. During my search I stumbled upon a rather new Indian restaurant in Stockholm- Masala Masala. Upon checking the menu, I got a little too excited with their vegan selection. Precise and modern, the menu is not a typical huge booklet of everything Indian or presumably but some selected items, which they believe to be masters of. 

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