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Kohler's Installation at Salone Has a Sweet Sustainable Surprise

Milan Design Week ‘19 is around the corner and we are keeping our eyes and ears open for all things sustainable. Kohler, one of the oldest and biggest American companies, will be hosting a sensory experience inside the historic Palazzo Del Senato. The large-scale immersive exhibit showcases Kohler’s bold approach to design and the brand’s most stunning products through an artful combination of water, technology, texture, and color.

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The Only New Year Resolution That Matters

Every year we make resolutions and keep some and let go off many. Most resolutions across the world include focussing on eating better and living healthier, building a routine and getting closer to professional goals.

This year I want to challenge all those resolutions and propose one that matters and is rather the only one that does. I won’t keep you agog with suspense.

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Your Practical Guide To An Alkaline Body

Lately, a lot of fitness blogs are talking about alkaline and acidic state of our body. Wonder why? To put very simply, a slightly alkaline state is considered optimum for all of our body functions, whereas an acidic state gives way to illnesses and serious problems. As chemistry driven as it sounds, it is rather simple to strike a balanced equation.

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