The fact that we have to answer this question says a lot about us as a civilisation. Why vegan fashion is equivalent to asking why should we not kill another living being and gouge it open to excavate the insides for our plates and the outsides for our bags, shoes and more.

I am a strong advocate of not preaching based on morals and values and therefore I seldom go out to speak loudly about veganism. But starting OKOLOLA, subconsciously instilled a need to share with you guys why I do what I do. Just so that OKOLOLA is not misinterpreted as any other online platform selling conventional style fashion.


And I want to reach out all of you beautiful people. Not just vegans. I honestly did not ever think of only vegans to be OKOLOLA's audience. It amazes many. But I see every young person who belongs to today’s generation, who is aware, educated and open to new ideas as our audience. I strongly feel that most people wear conventional fashion because more than often they do not know about the journey their leather bag took before sitting smoothly in their closet. Call me naive but I do feel that most people would opt for ethical fashion only if they knew the cost. The real cost.

With that thought serving as our basis, let me very bluntly and precisely give you 5 reasons to choose vegan fashion and shop via OKOLOLA.

  1. Compassion: Products made without hurting anyone undoubtedly have a better story. The compassion does not limit to animals. How can we ignore the underpaid and exploited humans who work their souls out in order to churn cows into burgers and boots. By making a single ethical choice, we not only show kindness to animals but also extend our support to everyone suffering at the hands of cruel fashion.

  2. For the love of the environment: Leather industry is one of the most polluting. Global production of leather is about 24bn m2. In simple terms, that’s a lot! A lot! But by making a simple choice in fashion, we can do our bit in bringing that down or atleast not add to it. 

  3. Technology has led to better alternatives: Today, there are so many eco-friendly, vegan materials available that can give animal-derived materials, a run for quality and aesthetics both. Pinatex, Muskin, recycled rubber, paper, waxed cotton and coolstone are some of the examples. But my latest find- vegan silk called, 'Cupro' is my favorite. 

  4. You’ll feel happier: Every time we make a conscious decision, we feel more and more aligned with who we really are. I don’t think any of you would yourself kill a lamp and wear its skin because that would hurt you too much. It’s not who you are. Just because the process is masked for you does not make it alright. Make choices that fit better with your real self.

  5. Stand out: Most of us are aware about everything said above but only few have the courage to take a stand for what’s right. Be the exception than the norm! Be modern! Be the change and stand out! 

To conclude my tiny plead, I do want to say that by vegan fashion I don't just mean animal-free fashion but fashion built on fair-trade, sustainability (as much as we can practically achieve), consciousness in consumption and last but not the least- style.