While the vegan food scene is really on its all time high in Berlin, authentic Indian food is still difficult to find, just like stylish vegan fashion. OKOLOLA wants to fix that. We are all set to introduce an Indian Supper Club like none other. 

There is more to India and Indian food than what meets the eye through popular media and mainstream restaurants. Indian food can be fine, healthy, vegan and can definitely be served in an aesthetically pleasing ambiance. No more eating colored curries in restaurants donned with elephants and buddhas. Explore modern homemade Indian food made by real Indian people, served in beautifully set spaces. 

Every supper evening will have a special theme, offering vegan food from a specific region of India and trust us, there are plenty. Sweet and sourness of Gujarati food to the spicy and aromatic Hyderabadi cusine to endless others. We promise to use only the highest quality of bio and organic ingredients. If all that sounds tantalising then watch the space below for events. 

#1 Gujarat Edition

Was hosted on October, 12th, 2018 in BERLIN